Marketing Your Event

Please note each committee is responsible for coming up with their Committee Communication Plan where applicable.  Committee Chairs are also responsible for drafting their news items, flyers, etc. The Communication Plan will typically include a mixture of the various communication methods over a set period of time.  Committee Chairs will work with their PTO Board Support Member to determine the communication needs and formalize the Communication Plan.   Depending on the event/program, we suggest promoting it for up to four weeks in various ways.

To promote you event on the website, Facebook or in a newsletter, please submit a short description of your event with all the pertinent information included (date, time, location, etc) to

Here are some of the various methods the PTO uses to promote Events/Programs:


  • Updated 2 days after information is submitted


  • Newsletter will go out every Monday afternoon
  • All submissions must be in by COB Wednesday prior to the Monday Newsletter
  • Newsletter will be emailed weekly


  • Updated 12 hours after information is submitted

Front Lobby Display Case

  • Please contact Renee Milausnic to reserve and/or coordinate the front lobby display

Pictures of your Event
When taking pictures for PTO purposes, we ask pictures to be shot from behind.  By taking pictures of the backs of kids’ heads only  ensures that we are compliant with FCPS regulations.  These shots will be more “artsy” in nature and also streamline the protocol for approving pictures.

Promotional Flyer in the Tuesday folder
Flyers can be used to advertise for events, fundraisers, etc.   PLEASE NOTE, we are trying to limit our use of paper to be both environmentally and budget friendly.   Check with your Supporting Board Member before making any copies of paper flyers.  Flyers are typically distributed via the Tuesday folder.

Steps/Requirements to create successful flyers:

  • Include Important DetailsInclude date, times (beginning and ending if applicable), location, your Sign Up Genius link (if applicable) and all other important details about the event. A brief description of what the event/program entails is also helpful for new families who are not familiar with some of our annual events.
  • Refer to the Style Guide – Use the Crossfield Style Guide to ensure your document or flyer reflects our style preferences.
  • Include Contact Information – Please include information as to who to contact related to this event if there are questions, etc. Since these flyers will typically be published on our website, please include your committee e-mail address, not your personal e-mail address.
  • Proofread – It is always a good idea to have someone proofread your flyer…another set of eyes is always helpful. Your PTO Board Support Member is a good resource for proofreading and/or a trusty friend or two.
  • Determine Paper vs. Virtual – Discuss your flyer needs with your PTO Board Support Member to determine whether your flyer will be sent in paper form as well as electronic.
  • Approval Requirements – Flyers should first be approved by your PTO Board Support Member and then must be approved by the Assistant Principal or Principal.  Once PTO approved, submit flyers to for school approval.  Allow 3 days for school approval to take place. You will need to check back with Janet to determine the approval status.
  • Copying InstructionsFor approved flyers, please note, you will need to obtain paper from a PTO Board Member to make your copies. The PTO will need to supply our own paper for flyers. Your PTO Board Support Member and the front office has an up-to-date student count to help you make the appropriate number of copies.  We use the copy machines in the workrooms off the pods.
  • Delivering Flyers
    • For Paper copies separate flyers into piles with the appropriate number of copies by teacher and provide these copies to Janet George no later than the Monday prior to your desired Tuesday Folder distribution date. (In addition, please follow Electronic copy instructions below so a copy can be included on the website and Facebook)
    • For Electronic copies for the website and PTO mass e-mails, please submit your electronic copy to no later than the Friday prior to your desired Tuesday Folder distribution date.
  • REMINDERS, REMINDERS, REMINDERS! – Did we happen to mention reminders?! With everyone’s busy schedules, it is very important to post and send brief reminders for events, programs, etc. Depending on the event, these reminders might be sent weekly for a few weeks prior to the event, a few days before, the night before, or in another manner. Your PTO Board Support Member or a prior Committee Chair for your committee can help you determine the best timing for your reminders. These reminders should be part of your Committee Communication Plan.  Most reminders are posted as News items and/or Extra, Extra items. So, please be sure to draft up a reminder news item for your event where applicable and submit to the Friday before your reminder is to go out to ensure this reminder is included in upcoming PTO e-mails and on the website in a timely manner.

Front Lobby Display Case
The Front Lobby Display Case must be reserved well in advance for the period during which the event/program needs to be advertised.  All items in display case must be removed on last day of reservation. Case should be left clean and ready for next person to use.  Please contact Renee Milausnic to reserve and/or coordinate the front lobby display

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