Room Parents

The Room Parent Team is made up of volunteers working together to help support Crossfield classrooms. The Room Parent Team consists of:

  • Lead Room Parents from each classroom
  • Room Parents from each grade/classroom
  • Grade Lead Captains (one from each grade)
  • One Room Parent Liaison Chair

Here are job descriptions for each team member:

Lead Room Parent
Each class will have a primary lead or co-leads who will be the liaison between the individual classroom teacher and all other room parents and classroom parents. This person will also work with their Grade Lead Captain to help organize grade wide events.

Room Parent Team
Each class will have a number of volunteers to assist with class events and decisions. These room parents will help the Lead Room Parent organize and plan class specific events throughout the school year.

Grade Lead Captain
Each grade will have one Grade Captain. This person will be the point of contact for communications with the Room Parent Liaison Chair (Caryn Danoff) and each Lead Room Parent. Grade Lead Captain sign up will be offered after Lead Room Parents have been identified.

Thank you so much for joining our wonderful team ~ our Mission: to work together for a great school year!!

If you have any questions, please email Rachelle Raider.

Click here to find room parent resources

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